How do I add medication?

How do I add medication?

We recommend having your loved one's medication on hand to fill in the correct information. 

To add medication:  

1. Click ‘Medication’ in the top menu 
2. You will see ‘New +’ to the left of the screen, click this and a new page with the medication details will appear 
3. You will be asked to add in the drug name, the method, the dose, number of times to be taken and the schedule  
4. You can also add in prescription notes, the location of the medication, and an image of the medication so that it’s easy for people to identify 

This system is linked to the U.K. National Health Service and you will see that under drug name and method, when you start to type, options will appear. You will also be asked to set up the times the medication should be taken. This will allow you to see them listed out in a schedule view of medications. 

You can also select whether the medication is a one-off or repeat and complete the repeat prescription details, so you get a reminder. We have automatically set a reminder for seven days prior to your renewal date which you will receive to the email you registered with.  

Once you’re happy with the setup of the medication, click ‘Add Medication’. You will then see a summary of the medication that you want to add, check this against the prescription and when you’re happy it’s correct click ‘Confirm Updates’. 
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