How does YooToo work?

How does YooToo work?

YooToo supports you, your family and your close friends to care for your loved ones who need it most. You can use it to keep track of the caring activities required to care for your loved one. You can add medications, invite other members of your care team and keep track of events and tasks. 

If you're interested in trying it, simply register for YooToo here:

  1. Add or Invite your loved one who needs the care
  2. Send invites to your family and close friends
  3. Once you're set up, you can now:
  4. Add your loved one's medication requirements
  5. Add any important support contact details (Friends, helpers, next door neighbours and so on)
  6. Schedule any events, tasks or visits

Once you've done this:

  1. You can create and assign tasks (such as shopping lists for food supplies, setting up wifi and so on)
  2. You can schedule visits (for food deliveries, for example)
  3. You can create Events (such as appointments or favourite TV shows!)

Everything you need to know can be found here:

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    • How do I add an appointment or event?

      In YooToo, you can add appointments (for example, a doctor’s appointment) or events (for example, a visit or family celebration).     When you’re in the Feed section of the app:   1. Click the green + button in the centre of the page   2. 'Post' will ...
    • How much does YooToo cost?

      YooToo is currently free to use. We have big plans for the app that may entail incorporating paid elements but the features currently available will remain free forever. 
    • About YooToo and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

      YooToo does not provide any medical or pharmaceutical advice. If you are having a medical emergency, please contact your emergency services immediately. If you suspect you may have the Coronavirus, please follow the official guidelines which can be ...
    • Who can access my account on YooToo?

      There are 4 different groups of Users on YooToo. 1) Account Holder The Account Holder is the original member of the CareCircle - the individual who first registered, set up their Cared for Person, and invited their family and close friends to create ...
    • What is the difference between the YooToo mobile and website application?

      YooToo is offered as both a website application and a mobile app. You must use the website app to sign up, however, once you have, you can download the mobile app, and sign in using the same details you used to register on the website.  The mobile ...