What's an acceptable size and format for my profile picture?

What's an acceptable size and format for my profile picture?

When you add or edit your profile picture, for the best result, we recommend:

  1. You use a square image
  2.  Between the size 400x400px to 600x600px
  3.  Saved in JPEG format
  4. You leave some padding between the top of your head and the top of the image 

Please refer to this image:

  1. The red lines represent a square image. When you upload a square image only the corners will be cropped out.
  2. The orange lines represent a landscape image. When you upload a landscape image, the height will be 'fixed' but either end will be cropped off.
  3. The green lines represent a portrait image. When you upload a portrait image, the width will be 'fixed' but the top and bottom will be cropped off.

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