Who can access my account on YooToo?

Who can access my account on YooToo?

There are 4 different groups of Users on YooToo.

1) Account Holder
The Account Holder is the original member of the CareCircle - the individual who first registered, set up their Cared for Person, and invited their family and close friends to create their CareCircle.

2) Cared For Person
This is the person you're caring for. They may or may not have access to the website. The Account Holder can choose whether the Cared For Person can access, and therefore see and respond to, all the activity in the site when they register.

Please be aware that if you do give your Cared For Person access to the site, you can still add events, notes etc and choose to not publish them to the Cared For Person.

3) CareCircle
The CareCircle will usually be made up of your family members and close friends - the people who you (the main Account Holder) choose to have access to the site and therefore can help you to support the Cared For Person.

4) Contacts
Finally, once you're set up in YooToo you can add a list of important contacts. These individuals do not have access to the site however your CareCircle will be able to see their Contact details should they wish to get in touch with them. For example, this could be your Cared For Person's next door neighbours, dog walker or gardener.
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      To remove a Carer from your account, login to the site and select the 'Team' icon from the top menu. Here, you will see a list of Carers who currently have access to the account.  Remove a Carer by:   1. Clicking the ‘3 dots’ icon in the top right ...
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      YooToo is currently free to use. We have big plans for the app that may entail incorporating paid elements but the features currently available will remain free forever. 
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